EKWB with AI Enhanced Management

Looking at the possibilities to further enhance competitive advantage, EKWB board turned to Cleopatra AI, CREA pro's solution of AI enhanced management.

EK Water Blocks (EKWB, is an innovative technology company that offers a complete range of products for liquid cooling. It is a world leader in high-end computer liquid cooling systems. Medium sized fast growing company with business global footprint has a set of challenges to overcome.

EKWB's first step of AI implementation consisted of most important AI support to their business processing, covered by the following CREA pro's Cleopatra AI models:

  1. Sales forecast  – sales predictions on product level, especially before launch of a new product,
  2. Marketing – sentimental analysis of social networks, victories and pains of customers,
  3. Finance – management reporting, including budget to actuals comparison and key KPIs,
  4. R&D – future trends and future product prediction,
  5. Purchase – resource planning and optimization.

Expected benefits are more satisfied customers, much faster growth of the company, better margins, more accurate management activities and responsiveness of the supply chain to market demand. The benefits are being monitored.

Technologies used: MS Azure Machine Learning, R, Python, MS SQL, MS Excel 

EKWB contact: Mr. Mitja Čermelj, CFO, phone: +386 31 438 863, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.