Data Science & Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a methodology that enables the prediction of business-relevant events through the use of statistical modelling and machine learning algorithms. We use predictive analytics on the basis of the large amount of data collected from various sources to determine the patterns and predict future events and trends. This way we help companies in various industries, from financial services to public administration, healthcare, media, manufacturing and retail. By using predictive analytics we analyze existing data and past events in order to obtain a better understanding of your customers and their habits.

With such insight we can determine both risks and opportunities for your company. Predictive analytics takes information from the past and tries to find different patterns and connections between them. Through all diverse methods and algorithms available we pattern the forecasts and provide you with a level of probability that the event in the future will really happen. The forecasting object can be any commercial activity, which repeats often enough. You can collect a variety of information about the customer with your sales activities, together with data about the offer and the procedure itself. Based on the data collected you may assess in advance whether your offer and efforts are a winning process or not; as well as which aspect of your sales story that promises sad end should be changed in order to improve your outcome, lead to higher revenues, lower expenses or reduced risks.

With our team of professionals from various fields we can offer you a solution that is tailored to your desires and needs: from consulting to comprehensive predictive analytics projects, based on the calculation of complex future projections contingent on an overall analysis of your business. We also offer advice on how to adopt smart business decisions based on your company's data, how to solve problems, anticipate your future business steps, how to predict which clients intend to leave your company and how to improve your business results.

Predictive analytics is a tool for making smart business decisions!