Value added for client

Strategic value – Define key value chains in accordance with company strategy. Align business goals (KPI) for key processes with company strategy (BSC) and define priority projects for process optimization and automation. Cost/Benefit analysis and ROI projection are prepared for each Business Case/Scenario. 

Based on a uniform definition of processes the top management appoints process owners for key processes, defines measurable goals for them and establishes a process management committee. Process teams gain necessary knowledge and skills for methodical approach to process management, consequently improving internal communication and interdepartmental handovers. Innovations, new approaches and proactive thinking become standard, employees are empowered and encouraged to participate in improvement efforts and are the main guarantee for the company to stay successful and in good shape.

Operational value – company eliminates critical points in processes thereby reducing operational risks. Consequently the efficiency and quality of services are improved. Company obtains high level & low level process flows/maps in the form of business process architecture thus increasing transparency and responsibility. Selected processes are automated and supported, monitoring and control are achieved which enable far better and efficient planning.