What we do

There are core principles in our BPM approach we adhere to and our approach adjustments are variations on the basis of those principles. Basic cycle consists of key phases that constitute a closed circle of continuous improvement.

Key phases:
  1. Discover current state and assess company's maturity and its processes; define value chains
  2. Analyze processes, business roles and used IKT solutions to find critical points in operation and select improvement opportunities 
  3. Design detailed to-be state with Business Cases / Scenarios on selected processes and eliminate critical points. 
  4. Implement IT and business organizational changes and improvements
  5. Manage & Control process performance with the help of metrics and KPIs
  6. Improve process efficiency and effectiveness  
Dimensions of work:
  1. Strategy
  2. People, employees, stakeholders, politics
  3. Processes and ways of work
  4. Technology and Information Systems
There are many Business Analysis (BA) methods and techniques within each phase and the key to success is to use the right one for each client. We use advanced informational support and specialized tools for EA – MEGA Enterprise Architecture for process modeling, the world leading tool for EA according to the latest Gartner report.